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Varoufakis side of the story

It was a pleasure and an honour to host John Allen for a seminar series in Mexico. During two weeks in the spring of 2016, we found time to discuss many issues beyond science or academic slavery in British universities: in a typical Sanborns café in Coyoacan we also discussed the upcoming referendum that would recommend on whether the United Kingdom (UK) should severe ties with the European Union (EU). Sharing internationalist values, but also valuing sovereignity, democracy, social justice, education, the call was not obvious. John had recently read a Guardian article by Yanis Varoufakis and was keen to hear my views on him. So I tried to summarize the turbulent first half of 2015…


Έστιν ουν τραγωδία

Έστιν ουν τραγωδία___________________It is a tragedy

τα πανιά που δεν άλλαξες Θησέα,_that you didn’t change the sail Theseus,

αφού το Μινόταυρο νίκησες__________ since you have won the Minotaur

χάρη στη γενναιότητά σου____________thanks to your bravery

και χάρη της Αριάδνης._______________ and thanks to Ariadne.