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These are lies, Dicky, not misrepresentations

This is how Dicky Clymo, emeritus professor at Queen Mary University of London, came into my life. First, he taught me about iron pans in peatlands. Second, he taught me that calling someone who is conveying a false statement a liar has implications (difficult to know and/or prove) over a) the person’s knowledge of the truth, and b) the person’s intention to confuse, manipulate or cheat her audience. A polite gentleman, he advised me to use instead the phrase that X manager was misrepresenting Y or Z fact or opinion. (more…)

Έστιν ουν τραγωδία

Έστιν ουν τραγωδία___________________It is a tragedy

τα πανιά που δεν άλλαξες Θησέα,_that you didn’t change the sail Theseus,

αφού το Μινόταυρο νίκησες__________ since you have won the Minotaur

χάρη στη γενναιότητά σου____________thanks to your bravery

και χάρη της Αριάδνης._______________ and thanks to Ariadne.


Brief comment from an outsider on the 2015 UK election

I stayed up last night watching the results of the election coming in (with the advantage of the time zone difference between the UK and Mexico). I hadn’t thought I cared enough, but there is something moving about people casting their ballots, especially when one knows something about the circumstances they live in and the positions advocated by the mainstream political parties. Memories from my five years in London were revived.Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 8.21.54 PM (more…)