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Microcosmographia – Μικροκοσμογραφία

Three years ago this day, I was in London feeling a personal spring in the fall’s onset!

Three years ahead I enjoy simple breakfasts (coffee, toast with marmelade) sitting on our new home’s terrace in Mexico City, playing with the thoughts of the new day, while watching for that magical moment when the sky appears to light up suddenly, out-of-phase with the gradual arrival of the day and bringing a poetic experience to beings with eyes.

These breakfasts precede the first daily visit to the modern “newspaper” and “arrival of the post”. Ah! one needs to be lucky these days to rejoice in the smelly paper or to carefully open an envelope, looking at the handwriting of a dear fellow soul or an unknown new contact.

And so, this morning, I came across the word “microcosmographia”.