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To prevent the world going to ashes | Konstantinos Mandilaras

What follows is not an objective critique of a young man’s effort to identify and correct the world’s problems, correctly attributed to the present inequalities and their fierce preservation by the elites; it is also not an easy post to write given my former and present connections to the author who worked for his Ph.D. thesis under my supervision (2008-2011) and is now a close friend. But let’s see what comes out.


The Jungle | Upton Sinclair Jr.

“A SERIES of breeding experiments with the common pomace-fly, Drosophila ampelophila Loew., conducted during the past five years principally by my pupils and still in progress, has yielded certain results which it is the purpose of this note to summarize” starts his 1906 Science paper, William Ernest Castle, who had already put to practice advice by Charles William Woodworth that Drosophila was an ideal organism to study genetics.  “Low productiveness is inherited after the manner of a Mendelian recessive character in certain of the crosses made, skipping a generation and then reappearing…” is one of the conclusions. Low productiveness referred to a low number of offspring produced by single parent matings. (more…)

Οι Ζουρμπίν

Σοβιετική λογοτεχνία. Εφτά χρόνια μετά τη νίκη του κόκκινου στρατού εκδίδεται από τον Βσέβολοντ Κοτσέτοφ το μυθιστόρημα για την οικογένεια των Ζουρμπίν. Τα περισσότερα μέλη της (τρεις γενιές) εργάζονται σε διαφορετικούς τομείς των ναυπηγείων. Απ’ όλους, μόνο ο προπάππους Ματβέϊ γνώρισε τη Ρωσία πριν την επανάσταση