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La chiquitita Murióm y el mar bueno | Stavros Koutrakis

La chiquitita Murióm, se rascó duro el codo. ¡Si que era malo el bicho que le picó! Pero, un rato después, le gustó la sensación de rascarse. Como que algo sintió su mamá y le cubrió la mano con un trapo. De repente se tambalearon y se estremeció. “No tengas miedo”, la escuchó, “el mar es bueno”.


Little Muriom and the kind sea | Stavros Koutrakis

I translate a short story by the Samian γεωργός (home-scale grower of plants and animals), painter, sculptor, musician and author Stavros Koutrakis (who ‘d rather I don’t list all these qualifications, so please add “amateur” before them). The original was published in 2004 and I posted it here a few days ago, with the author’s permission, moved by the flee of refugees from the Middle East, the deaths of so many innocent in the Aegean sea. Then, earlier today, Paris was rattled in the name of Allah, allegedly to revenge the imperialist crimes in Syria. The military-political-economic aggression of the West and the regressive organizations in the Middle East and elsewhere that murder to “terrorize” are two sides of the same coin. Humanity should trash this coin decisively.