A whole year has passed by, a new one has started

2013 was the year of settling down in Mexico. Cheel and Myrsini have grown but still dislike it when I come to the computer. The only difference is they now play more with each other. Cheel is just over 4 and Myrsini is almost two and a half.

I now lead a laboratory that is working on a few questions and our presence in the web is


2014 started with an employment tribunal hearing. A very partial discussion (based only on the first of six days) can be found in the following two places




This was a learning experience. Many valued colleagues supported me, our friendship deepened, my sphere of knowledge widened, and my emotions deepened.

I broke free from a strange type of slavery – where the masters had been managers at Queen Mary University of London.

I feel a free human being again. And joined twitter

7 thoughts on “A whole year has passed by, a new one has started

  1. Thank you Adam,

    Perspective as understood by the Times Higher Education was published on the opposite page of where they published the article of the debate between myself and the head of school.


    My reaction, from events that became known to me in the past two weeks was to ask Simon Gaskell:

    From: Fanis Missirlis
    To: “principal@qmul.ac.uk” ; Paul Anderson

    Cc: sbcs-academic
    Sent: Tuesday, February 4, 2014 5:24 PM
    Subject: How similar are the two cases?

    Dear Simon and Paul,

    I wonder how much of what is being reported from UCU on the overseas ventures of the University of Central Lancashire and the related restructurings there, which have used chillingly similar arguments to the ones we heard from your administration, applies also to Queen Mary.


    Would you be willing to enlighten me?
    Yours sincerely,

    I have not received a response from the Principal to this time. Perhaps to be expected given:


    Finally, I have also recommended:


    I note you have a prolific blog!


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