Following the breath-taking walk on the great wall of China

the strolling through the emperor’s summer palace and in the forbidden city

after watching a night dance on the waters of the Hangzhou west lake

and thinking in the Tsinghua campus by the flowering lotus plants

while eating every day seven new dishes of oriental taste

getting to know Zhou Bing’s family and lab and to learn

of recent advances on our biological understanding

of the iron metal ion at the 2015 BioIron

70 years after the end of the second world war

I saw the present day China in all its admirable growth

reflecting on the small personal scale of my own world.


3 thoughts on “China

  1. I left the following comment below Times Higher Education reporting on today’s announcement of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology

    My recent visit to Tsinghua University of Beijing left me with a positive impression. We were fortunate to coincide with the Country’s celebrations of the end of 2nd world war (70 years), which had meant that a number of industries around Beijing had reduced their emissions and car traffic had been cut to half, clearing the skies and making the campus looking more like one would imagine the Emperor’s gardens to be (the Universities were built on such premises). Not only was outdoors inspiring, the labs were also fantastically well equiped and the students full of energy. Interestingly, my host Bing Zhou, with whom our coinciding interests lie in the study of fruit fly metal biology, shared with me his unpublished work treating the flies with artemisinin, a traditional Chinese herb component that has attracted his attention! I was therefore introduced to Professor Tu’s story, with no clue she would so soon enter the hall of fame…
    see also

  2. A belated thank you to Bing’s wonderful students who showed us around Beijing during our week there. Truly exciting projects as well on the way iron is acquired and handled by Drosophila!

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