40 years old

a very soft rain woke me up this morning

so gentle.

It now stopped, before I’d finished up

a cup

of Mexican coffee, which I thankfully smell and taste

viewing the brilliantly red noche buena tree.

μια φέτα ψημένο ψωμί

με μαρμελάδα βερύκοκο

από την κυρα-Γιώτα:

γεια στα χέρια της

που, με τη βερυκοκιά μαζί,

με γλύκαναν στα ξένα.

ayer Irma organizó mi primera piñata

‘dale-dale-dale, no pierdas el tino…’

nuestras hijas y dos amigos suyos ayudaron a quebrarla

era un placer compartir con mis colaboradores

lo que aprendí de mi mamá y de mi tía Efi


Is this the middle of the journey?

Life has been generous to me:

I grew up in a peaceful era and was treated well,

even as we transitioned into a more complicated moment for the world.

I would like to offer help to move things in a better direction,

but how one goes about to contribute, is sometimes not as crystal clear.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 9.24.56 PM

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